Firefox 29: Australis released for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr – A quick review and screenshot tour

Today, Firefox version 29, codename Australis was released for Ubuntu Trusty Tahr. If you are running Ubuntu, you should have been given notification through the Updater to install this. I did, and what I liked what I saw. Here is a quick screenshot tour and review.

For one thing, I stopped using Firefox as my main browser quite long back, mainly due to the resource usage and the heavy feeling, especially considering I spend 60% of my work time in a web browser. Having said that, I think I’ll give Firefox 28 and above a spin.

So, here is what I found from my quick play around and I hope it will help you if want to take a sneak peak before deciding to actually start using it.

First, the screenshot tour for the impatient 🙂


What I liked:

  • Despite the fact that it looks more like Chrome/Chromium, I did like the fluid shape of the tab. But here is where Firefox aces: The inactive tabs are nicely pushed out of focus with intelligent demarcation color scheme for multiple inactive tabs.
  • Customization tool which is more intuitive and user friendly
  • Consistent and better rendering of fonts. For some reason, Chromium and most probably Chrome the font in address bar has gone haywire for the last few releases.
  • Better memory and CPU utilization: I had 48 tabs running at once, some of which were heavy apps (Flash, interactive JS etc.,). No matter what I threw at it, Firefox took it and made easy job of it.
  • Though not new, integrated download notification.
  • Faster page loading than before. This is purely from a User Experience point of view. YMMV. I really don’t believe in a zillion benchmark tests to qualify a browser usable for me 🙂

What I didn’t like:

  • Maybe someone filed a bug already: when I tried installing a downloaded extension (Google Analytics opt-out), Firefox weirdly opened another minute window and asked for the permission to install it.
  • Sync: when using Chromium, I had a nice ecosystem of integrating the sync system to my gmail account. As someone who tends to frown at having to maintain a bunch of credentials, it worked nice for me. Now I have to remember YET another credential set.

NOTE: Please note that the points mentioned above (both like and dislikes) are a result of around 30 minutes play around. I’ll update this article OR write another one with more observations.


Compared to earlier releases, I believe Mozilla has done an excellent job of churning out a faster, better looking and resource optimized browser. I think I’ll use it for sometime.

So, did you try the new Firefox? Did you like it? Love to hear your thoughts. Just leave a comment below!! You also may want to subscribe so you get to know what is happening in

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