Mir / XMir not to be used in Lubuntu, Kubuntu from 13.10 Saucy Salamander!!

For those of you who are using Linux in older resource crunched hardware and have chosen Lubuntu for its performance optimization for such hardware, Ubuntu’s ‘Mir’ might come as a bit of uncomfortable innovation and change.

         News is, fear not, these Lubuntu won’t adopt Mir. Atleast as of 13.10.
Why Mir?
Make no mistake, Mir might just be the change that might bring Linux more closer to your next door uncle/aunt who wants to spend next to nothing on software on a new/old computer. With features such as highly polished Qt based interface, performance optimized Unity interfacing, highly aesthetic UX, Mir, if done as promised, will be something that will work out for most common people who, say, like Android interface better than some  ‘smart-feature’ UI.
Why Not?
Having said that, while Mir might bring better performance to Ubuntu, which as of date contains custom designed DM (LightDM), Shell (Unity), Compositor (Compiz) etc., to bring a wholesome and new user experience, while so far trading-off on a patched X, it might not fit so easily into performance-before-form oriented distros such as Lubuntu, LXDE, XFCE (read Xubuntu) and so on.
Primarily, these distros rely on highly stripped down DM, DE etc., to make better use of hardware resources. Obviously, Mir is not going to be an answer, that is unless, folks over at Canonical optimize Mir to work better than X, in say, a CPU containing 512 MB RAM and ancient graphic chipset.
So, it looks like the folks over at Lubuntu, Kubuntu have taken a bold line of thought saying they wouldn’t stick to Mir unless it’s proven.
Says Julien Lavergne of Lubuntu:

This[Mir] is currently an issue for Lubuntu, because, if i understandcorrectly, we are going to replace an X + openbox (without composite)with a Mir + XMir + composite windows manager (?). Considering thevery bad performance on some of our target hardware running under acomposite manager, I’m quite worrying about the performancedifference. The difference between Unity + X and Unity + XMir + Mirmay not be so different, I can’t say the same for Lubuntu.However, Steve Langasek confirmed on a previous mail that X willremain for 14.04 for the time frame of the LTS, and I hope it willstill be the case with this change. We currently plan to ship X onlyby default for 13.10 and 14.04 for Lubuntu, with eventually an optionto test XMir, to prepare the future.

More interesting read of the complete thread Lubuntu mailing thread.
Also, says Jonathan Riddell of Kubuntu to OMG Ubuntu:

“Mir is a very disappointing development… it’s splitting the Linux distro space and it’s causing us lots of grief already with our upstream,”

Though it’s not yet officially known from Xubuntu, UbuntuKylin and Ubuntu Gnome, one might expect the same decisions, again, unless there is a very compelling story from the Mir team.

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