1 July, 2013: Ubuntu 13.10: daily image review [or] status of Ubuntu Saucy Salamander [or] How stable is 13.10 [or] Ubuntu 13.10 daily sanity report

Be sure to check out updates as of  25 June, 2013 and 10 July, 2013 on Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy.

Following the initial install which was successful, I did an update through the ‘Software Updater’ today. Around 120MB worth updates were available and the update went smooth without any issues. Followed it by a restart.

Among the key changes are:
  • Linux kernel update to 3.10.0-1.10
  • Unity 7.0.0 updates
There are numerous other updates to the component libraries including python, gtk, qt and so on.
So here is the round up on sanity:
  • IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad W510
  • 4GB RAM
  • 8GB HDD Partition (SSD)
  • 4 Core Intel Core – i7 processor (from 2009/10).
Boot UpPASSNone. Now dual booting with Ubuntu 13.04 as selectable option
Unity workflowPASSFeels smoother than 13.04/raring. The new left-click/right-click on Dash icon is something you need to try out. Looks cool but I didn’t understand to what end. Maybe will wait and watch.
App InstallPASSInstalled Liferea 1.8.10 and Conky-all. Installed and worked without issues.
KDE App InstallPASSBlogilo got updates and this blog entry is being written using it. Works fine. Installed Akgregator for RSS. Both installs went through fine.


After this update, Ubuntu 13.10 still runs without major issues.
I saw a few minor issues:
  • Noticed lag in the normal workflow: Superkey -> Remmina -> Select RDP Session
  • Noticed lag in performance when Firefox was running some script intensive sites like Google Analytics.
  • Same issue with Chromium.
  • When Browsers are causing the issue, the memory usage seems to hit 40% (around 800MB) out of which around 500 odd Megs are eaten by the browsers.
  • When browsers are closed, the lag seems to be due to Compiz which takes up around 13-18% CPU and total CPU consumption is around 25%.
The compiz and browser issues might be specific to my hardware and hence I’m not throwing the book at Ubuntu OS as yet. Will monitor for some more updates and specific logs.
Can I install daily image of 13.10 and still have my laptop in one piece?
Works for me, Yes. You could too, with obvious Disclaimer that I’m nor responsible for any known or unknown damages to your system. This is still not even an alpha build, and if something breaks, you get to keep both the halves 🙂
Image location:
Until next update, happy testing!!



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