Ubuntu 13.10: daily image review [or] status of Ubuntu Saucy Salamander [or] How stable is 13.10 [or] Ubuntu 13.10 daily sanity report

Be sure to check out updates as of 1 July, 2013 and 10 July, 2013 on Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy.

There is something about the recent Ubuntu releases that has resulted in me having stuck to it as my main computing platform and that is the fact that you upgrade from a stable release which was done about a couple months back into a development snapshot and you can more or less continue working as if nothing has changed. Prior to 12.04, even installing an alpha build was not guaranteed to work and came with a disclaimer bigger than the release itself!!

To continue tradition, today I moved my 12.04.2 LTS install to 13.10 Saucy using the daily snapshot obtained from here. As I expected, the installation was a breeze (fresh install, removed 12.04.2 partition). So here I’ll list the status of daily build and how it faired:
  • IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad W510
  • 4GB RAM
  • 8GB HDD Partition (SSD)
  • 4 Core Intel Core – i7 processor (from 2009/10).
Boot UpPASSNone. Now dual booting with Ubuntu 13.04 as selectable option
Unity workflowPASSFeels smoother than 13.04/raring. The new left-click/right-click on Dash icon is something you need to try out. Looks cool but I didn’t understand to what end. Maybe will wait and watch.
App InstallPASSInstalled Chromium-Browser, Synaptic, Gnome-tweak tool etc., as a first step after installation. Went through without glitches.
KDE App InstallPASSWanted to give this a try since it would be good to see how Qt based Unity8 (when it will become available in 13.10) renders Qt based KDE apps. Specifically, I tried Blogilo (incidentally, this very blog is being written using it 🙂 ) and so far so good.


In all, if you have a similar hardware to mine and are brave-hearted with enough time in hand to try out a ‘pre-alpha’ distro, Saucy is for you. I can visibly see the performance difference when compared to 13.04/12.10 etc.,
  • Laptop seems to run much cooler than in 13.10.
  • No visible lag in the Unity interface.
  • New Dash operations
P.S: I’ll be tracking the status of daily images through regular updates to the software and will keep updating this category of this blog. Be sure to bookmark/rss etc., if you are Ubuntu fanboy / linux desktop computing enthusiast / plain-curious-cat, not necessarily in this order so you’ll know when things stop working (this makes sense than to know when things start working since Ubuntu dailies have become notoriously stable for daily tags).



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