Back again… with some interesting things..

I understand that this blog as of now (2.02PM IST on 6 Apr, 2012) is not visible to the world. However, from the last log in blogspot in here, I’ve not been active (or dorment.. more like dead) in my blogging. So I’m welcoming myself back with the following updates:

       I’m currently running Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 (upgraded from Alpha 1 through all milestones and frequent non-milestone updates) and boy, do I like Ubuntu 12.04!! much more silent, much more smooth etc., etc., I can only like the 12.04 Final Release better than what is there right now.
       Apart from that, I getting to work on some interesting technologies at work… mostly related to Cloud Computing. Will try to provide more info after hedging for NDA terms. That’s one of the reasons I was not active in blogging. 
       On the personal front, there were a lot of things that has happened, for the good. 

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