What is going to be Canonical’s new Concept Design to be shown off in CES (Consumer Electronics Show)? My bet is it would be a smartphone

Came across the Canonical blog post on its participation in the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, starting 10th Jan.

Canonical being the driving force behind the famous Linux Operating System Ubuntu, it does mean that Canonical would be showcasing various Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks etc., which are prebuilt and optimized with Ubuntu OS.

However, one little line slipped in between the whole text picked my interest:
    On display will be the latest in Desktop, Cloud and demonstrations on Ubuntu One, plus an exclusive Ubuntu concept design which will be announced during the show.

Now, what would be the mysterious ‘exclusive Ubuntu Concept design’ be?

Well, for one thing, Canonical has started moving in the direction of consumer IT electronics (at least it has started thinking about it). It would logically follow that the initial foray would be into Smartphones and later into TV, Ubuntu controlled what not (Android has certainly set the precedence here by releasing the Google TV and some of the Samsung models too).

So my bet is, it’s going to Smartphones. Reason being:

1. Smartphones have better go-to-market sentiment than TV (Ubuntu TV? Who is that by the way? We are talking about your everyday Tommy and Jina whose idea of computers might be Windows and Internet).

2. Smartphones are easy to mass manufacture and have a better skim marketing value.

3. TV would be more of a logical extension provided Smartphones are a success (just plugin a TV tuner for traditional cable and you are all set for a IP TV capable Ubuntu TV).

4. People accept new comers better in Smartphones than in TV or mixer grinders..

So let’s see.. Good folks at OMG! Ubuntu have placed their bets on Ubuntu TV… You can read more on their views here ..

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