How to integrate Google Calendar in Evolution 3 in Ubuntu 11.10 [or] Unable to integrate Google Calendar in Evolution 3 [or] Google not listed as Calendar Type in Evolution 3

So, I found this issue of NOT being able to setup google calendar account in Evolution Calendar in Evolution in Ubuntu 11.10. After some dilly dallying around, the solution seems more like a hack but works and works fine. So here are the steps.

Root Cause:

It looks like Evolution 3 has omitted Google as one of the Calendar Types in the registry settings. Hence if you are trying to create a new Calendar in Evolution to pull events from your Google Calendar, it might not be possible. However, Google is still listed as one of the type in the Evolution 3.x Address Book in the registry settings.


Copy value for ‘sources’ key from ‘address book’ entry in registry settings for Evolution 3.x, which has the string ‘name=”Google”‘ (without single quote) in it, and add as new value for the ‘sources’ key under ‘calendar’ entry.


Ubuntu 11.10.
Evolution installed through Ubuntu Software Center.


1. Install gconf-editor using Synaptic or Ubuntu Software Center.
2. Invoke gconf-editor from command line.
3. Goto path apps->evolution->addressbook
Verify in the sources key, one of the value says name=”Google”
4. Double click on ‘sources’ key.
5. In the edit key popup, select the value that has “Google” in it and click Edit.
6. Copy the string in ‘Edit list value’ field in the ‘Edit List Entry’ popup. Put it in some temp file so you won’t lose it.
7. Click cancel until you reach gconf-editor main window.
8. Select apps->evolution->calendar
9. Double click ‘sources’ key.
10. In the Edit Key popup click ‘Add’.
11. In the ‘Add New List Entry’ popup, paste the copied selection from step 6) in the ‘New List Value’ field.
12. Click OK until you reach gconf-editor main window.
13. Close gconf-editor.
14. Invoke Evolution and try creating a new Calendar.
15. In the type verify ‘Google’ is listed as one of the type.

You are all set to integrate Google Calendar in Evolution 3.

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