Empathy integrates XMPP capable MSN Support

Following the announcement that Microsoft has enabled XMPP protocol support for its popular chat service MSN, many third party Chat Clients who support multiple services have started looking into building the XMPP supported MSN service capability in their application softwares.

Empathy, however, recently (as quickly as a few days after Microsoft’s announcement), has integrated support into its client application. This means, people who download and install the software’s version >= 3.3.2 is bound to have this support.

This is a great news for users who have multiple chat accounts and run everything in a single client such as Empathy (Pidgin is another), since XMPP is supports a dearth of capabilities that takes Instant Messenging (IM) to far higher level than just chatting. It helps improve productivity through collaboration in business environments with various XEPs (XMPP Extension Protocols).

Good that Microsoft has started seeing light in adopting standards for their applications/services. They become better for such activities!!!! Might even turn me into a Microsoft fan.

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