The new programmer’s editor has arrived – How to create tab groups in Gedit 3 a.k.a Gedit 3 split windows

Was pleasantly surprised to find that Gedit 3 has native tab groups support . This was one feature (or the lack thereof in gedit) which made me look into other alternatives. That and the symbol browser.
Today found by accident that the Tab group (a la notepad++ view) support is built in
without the need for any additional plugin.

All you need to do is select Document->New Tab Group.. This neatly splits the window into half with the option to open n files in either of the split tab groups. World is sane again…

What’s more, in fact it even allows to create multiple tab groups though I doubt if you’d need more than two at a time. When creating more than one tab group, the split part which is in focus will be used to split further. So you need to click on the tab group you want to split further before opting for third and further new tab groups.

Gedit allows only Vertical tab groups as per .

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