Gnome Sushi – So what’s the deal?

     Most of us in the Gnome3/Ubuntu 11.10+ circles must be aware of the Gnome Sushi Nautilus File Previewer. It looks like something innovative but is it really is? I respect the fact that the Nautilus-independent nature of Gnome Sushi. But that’s like saying “I’ll give you a poison which is not cyanide based”.

     I was looking forward to using this application in my Laptop. But after I installed, I kind of felt let down. Reason as follows:

     1. Gnome Sushi needs a keyboard action for invocation (Clicking space invokes preview).
     2. Previewer is per image based. For example, <- or -> keys won’t work and neither does it have a Facebook or Lightbox type picture slider. It doesn’t provide me much more than the Shotwell and the Shotwell much more useful though too sluggish to my taste.

      I’m going to look into the possibility of forking the source code and doing the solution for the above bullets. It would be a good exercise for me to learn whatever platform they used to implement the application.

      Whoever reads this and feels it would be good, wish me luck!!

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