Next Logical Step in my photography.. the D7000

So I thought of taking up serious wildlife photography… I think my Olympus SP-560UZ served me well within its capacity and still continues to and will always be my preferred quick point and shoot… As to the DSLR, choosing a brand was not a problem since I’ve always been a fan boy (BOY.. a little old, fat not withstanding…) of Nikon…

What helped me choose what I did was the following process:

1. Start with the entry level.

2. Define a ceiling on the category.. I was not a pro or even advanced amateur.. hence my cut off was at D7000.

3. Kept virtually using each model until I hit the limitation which I thought would be applicable for me..

4. After recursive research and iterating through the above steps, found D7000 was where I will be happy

Lot goes to Amogh ( who made me look into what will make a functional DSLR from a run of the mill ones.. Suggested me the D90 and gave me a few tips on why its better than D3100 or even a D5100 (I was gung ho on D5100’s articulated LCD and true HD video recording)..

Long story short, finally settled on D7000 and took it to Kabini for it’s first testing… Somehow, all the myth about graduating to a DSLR being carefully considered process seem to be non-sensical (no offense to anyone.. just IMHO) since I felt absolutely at home though I hadn’t handled a DSLR, let alone a semi-pro one like D7000 before in my life… Maybe I was a clean slate to begin with and learning was from 101 with the D7000.

The D7000 handles very well and takes some amazingly crisp pictures with very good colors.

Planning to collect all the knowledge I gain with the D7000 in this blog (more short notes than anything) so I can refer to it later..

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