The journey of discovery – Nandi Hills

Man is a strange thing. He thinks of something and wants to do it. But then for the most part, he is not able to do it and for the most part deliberately. Is it his fear of unknowns, the inability to take risks or plain lethargy? Wish I know…

I’d always wanted to hit the tarmac for the heck of it and and forget myself and be there out in the wild with minimal survival kit… I have very little experience doing road trips though I’ve had luck in the couple attempts that I’ve done earlier for not being stranded in the middle of nowhere without even a water bottle. And I’ve always had a destination and purpose in those trips… Now I wanted to on the wild without a purpose, just enjoying the moment…

Well, thats what happened last April. 3 AM and me and my friend Hari were slogging through the night and decided to go for a tea in BEML junction. Alas, no teawala there (something to do with the political climate I guess… I see a lot of patrolling and checking lately at the only hour when roads of Bangalore are free to ride… around 1am – 3am). But then we (Hari and Aravinth) live by the boy scout motto “be prepared” 🙂 . So we ride down to the airport tea shop. Tea was huge by Bangalore standards and repleting. I was out of petrol in my P200. Hit the HP pump in JB Nagar road and 3 liters as usual. All of a sudden I had this crazy idea of taking one more ride (don’t get tired of rides in my P200). I was all pumped up by some recent good things that had happened to me and wanted to celebrate (real crazy i guess… but then thats me). Cut here…. conversation between me and Hari:

Aravinth: Veetukku avasiyam ippo poganuma?

Hari: Ennanna ippidi solreenga? (we both call each other anna)

Aravinth: Illa, innoru ride pogalaamnu thonuthu… enna solreenga?

Hari: Appi solreengala? OK… appo porathe porom… plan panni drop panna ideava implement panniruvom… Nandi Hills povom… enna solreenga?

Aravinth: Seriousaavaa?

Hari: Porathunnu mudivaayiruchu…. urupadiya Surya namaskaaram paanitu varuvom….

Aravinth: Appanna petrol pathaathae…. lets put more petrol.


I filled the tank for the first time in my P200. We drove around to Hari’s and packed a backpack along with some thumbs up, my laptop (integral part of me), a guide book which didn’t have anything about nandi hills anyways. We hit the road and went to my place to fetch some bare essential survival kit. Includes:

1. Foot Air Pump.
2. Caps
3. Sunscreens.
4. Gloves.
5. Jeans (was wearing a track till then)
6. Bandanna.
7. Sunglasses.
8. Jacket.
9. Shooozz.

Hit the road again for good this time and melted some tarmac and rubber for breakfast. P200 handles well what we are made of along with our pack. Nandi Hills, a destination of around 65 odd Kms from Bangalore, and we made it in under 45 mins. Average speed was around 80kmph (since Hari was pillion-riding and was just engaged 🙂 ).

In time to see Mr. Surya playing peekaboo with the hills themselves and we were right there welcoming him on. See the colors in the fotos. Truly amazing.

The ride up the hills itself was truly exhilarating (see the let go foto above). If I think of it, it feels as if my bike, the tarmac and me are in a synergy always and my bike never lets me down.

Just setting there watching the sun come up (its become a rare sight since I started my career in the illusionary world of software engineering) was something that filled me with tranquility.

(to be contd)

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