My New Love


OK… so I did 1750 Kms in 60 days.. not a great deal for some but for me its the most distance i did in 60 days… The bike still fares well… no change from when i first bought it. Opens up smoothly and goes max throttle easily… Still savoring the ride like fine wine…


If you had wondered why in my previous post I’d been rambling like a drunk Scot about Pulsar 200 cc, you would’ve gotten an answer… Yeah, I’m the proud owner of a new Pulsar 200 DTSi… Boy… do I love it… been 22 days and i’ve done 630 Kms with it.. once, at 1 AM (can you believe it, it was really 1 AM) and I wake up… have an urge to ride my bike… slap my favorite Mustachios on and a cotton Tee and my favorite Reeboks and nothing more… get down and take my bike out for a spin… I realize it was raining quite a bit… I say, what the heck… this’s gonna be a shake down cruise.. lets see how you fare babe… and get on with it… all the while humming “revvin’ up ur engine” from Top Gun (my favorite movie by the way)… the bike handled the rain perfectly great… I did a stint of 125 for a mile or so before slowing down.. this was in the old madras road… lemme see.. i can hardly wait till I get the first service done…

By the way, can you believe an Indian bike can come without a kick start? Or an Oil-Cooled engine with a radiator (small assembly though)? Thats Pulsar 200cc and thats Bajaj (Kawasaki?!) for you… Thats my bike there.. and I intend to make it something like this… Looks cool na? Though I’m not inclined towards the ABS model, that’s the best you can do to a pulsar 200… probably after we have enough accessories in India, I may think about something like the one below… Now, talk about a super bike… thats the one…

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  1. Senthil Babu
    September 7, 2007 at 11:21 am

    jooper selection. indha bikeavadhu regulara service panni, clean panni maintain panriyanu papom :-)

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